Fire resistant coatings

After carrying out and completing multiple Domestic and International assessments under the supervision of their respective Research Centers, Gilan Mica Products have successfully acquired the full approval of European and American Standards, and have received Technical Certification from the Road, Housing, and Urban Development research center, as well as the official approval of the Fire Department. As the first manufacturer of Fire-Resistant Coatings, we are honored to have been able to take effective steps towards localization, and its related standards for our product in unison with the assistance of the Research Center.

Gilan Mica's History

The Gilan Mica Group began their production activities in its processing facilities in their vermiculite mine (raw materials of Fire-Resistant Coatings) in 1985, and since then, launched the production of related (dependent-type) mineral products, and from 2015 commenced its cooperation with the Oil and Gas Industry.

With the arrival of new designs in Industries, Buildings, and the needs of the respective Industrial Communities for new Fire-Resistant Products, Gilan Mica entered this field with the knowledge and support of their extensive research, which was conducted in 1998. We achieved the technology of manufacturing vermiculite-based ....


Engineering, Procurement and Construction


Applications of Fire Resistant coatings

Vermiculite-based mineral Fire resistant coatings are used to protect metal and concrete structures against fire. These coatings are divided into two categories based on the type of fire: cellulose (construction), and hydrocarbon (industrial). These coatings are produced in the Gilan Mica factory and are marketed under the brand name of VERMIFIRE, all production, and implementation stages are carried out under the supervision of the Fire Suppression Unit in the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center.

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Gilan Mikan, the largest manufacturer of fireproof coatings in Iran