VERMIFIRE C400 Fireproof Protective Coverings

fire resistant VERMIFIRE C400 Coating is a cement-vermiculite-based product used in the construction industry.

The VERMIFIRE C400 Fireproof Coating has a Technical Certification from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center and, is currently located on the Fire Department's Vendor List.

VERMIFIRE - C400 has the Fire Standard EN1363-1 and, the Design Standard

 1-13381 for the density chart designed for temperatures of 650,620,600,550,500,450,400,350 ° C.

UL263 is another Standard that VERMIFIRE-C400 Fireproof Coating has successfully gained and, has received the First National Design Certificate number BHRC-B101 from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center in this Industry.

All Standard Tests on this product have been performed in the Efectis International Laboratory.

Efectis Is a French-Dutch company that has the most Fire Laboratories in the world and issues several Certifications including ISO, UL, CE

VERMIFIRE-C400 Fireproof Coating is used to protect metal and concrete structures against cellulose fire in the Construction Industry. It is designed to withstand temperatures from 350c to 650c.

VERMIFIRE-C400 fire resistant Coating is the only Fire-Fighting Product in the Country that has been through moderate to severe earthquake tests, and has passed the durable structures and Fire Tests on earthquake-resistant structures with the results remaining unaltered.

VERMIFIRE-G and VERMIFIRE-C400 fire resistant Coatings are the only fire resistant Products with a tracking control service (originality of goods) from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center.

پوشش ضد حریق ورمیفایر سی 400 vermifire c400

Applications of fireproof coating VERMIFIRE C400

  • Medical Centers such as Hospitals and Clinics
  • Recreation and Sports Centers
  • Warehouses and Silo’s
  • Educational Centers such as Schools, Universities
  • Cinemas and Theaters
  • Commercial and Office Centers
  • High-rise Buildings, Sky Scrapers or Buildings without height restrictions

Gilan Mica Fireproof Coatings can be used in all types of buildings that need to be reinforced.

Advantages of VERMIFIRE C400 Fireproof Coatings

  • Possesses Group X in the Division of Fireproof Coatings
  • Can be used in all types of environments (interiors, semi-exposed and exposed)
  • Highly resistant to all types of weather conditions and even in extreme humidity.
  • Can be used in parking lots, even in parking lots where there is water leakage at the time of procedures being carried out
  • Excellent performance in Fire 
  • Excellent durability equivalent to the life of the building on metal and concrete structures 
  • Capability of execution on all types of structure levels and structural points
  • No reduction of quality over time
  • Holds all ASTM Standards in the sphere of the Fire Protection Industry
  • 25- year warranty with the approval of the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center

VERMIFIRE - C400 Fireproof Coating Certificates

  • Holder of the First Technical Certificate of Fireproof Coatings from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
  • The First and Sole holder of the Certificate of Authenticity of goods (tracking the authenticity from the time of execution through production in the factory)
  • Holds Approval and is included on the vendor lists of Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Alborz, and Isfahan Fire Departments
  • Has the highest number of Fire Department Approvals across the Country
  • Holder of the First National Design Certificate based on BHRC-B101, UL263 Standard from Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
  • Holds earthquake and post-earthquake Fire Test Certificates from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
  • Has BS and UL standards for fire protection substructure
  • EN1363-1 Standard
  • EN13381-1 Design Standard
  • UL263 Fire Standard
  • Flame Progress Test Standard - ISO5658-2
  • Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Resistance Test - National Standards of Iran
  • Initial take of the National Standard of Iran 392
  • 11-9150 Flexural Strength of Hardened Mortar - National Standard of Iran
  • 11-9150 Compressive Strength of Hardened Mortar - Iranian National Standard
  • Tests for determining the Thermal Behavior Method utilizing the STA technique
  • ASTM E 605 Standard - Hardened mortar density test
  • PH test
  • Impact and Rupture test
  • Adhesion and Cohesion Test - ASTM E 736
  • Standard Durability Tests
  • High Humidity
  • Heat and cold
  • Resistant to freezing and thawing
  • Non-Flammable
  • Water Absorption Test (capillary)
  • Water Vapor Coefficient Permeability
  • Mushroom growth
  • Compulsory Standards for use in Buildings higher than 128 meters

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