VERMIFIRE C600 Fireproof Protective Coverings

Vermifire Fireproof Cover - C600, is Cement-Vermiculite base which is produced in our factory with the highest standards of production and supervision which are in a pre-mixed and fully mechanized form.

Vermifire Fireproof Cover - C600, entered the market in 2003, and was distributed in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries as the First Industrial Fireproof Coating produced in the Country.

Vermifire Fireproof Cover - C600, is used to strengthen steel and concrete structures against hydrocarbon fire (Pool Fire) and fire with in a Jet Fire Method (Jet Fire).

Vermifire Fireproof Cover - C600, has the Highest World Standards and has obtained all the present-day World Standards. One of them to mention is the UL 1709 Standard.

This product has two standards UL 1709 (UL 1709-2011 and UL 1709-2017) and, the UL1709-2011 Standard, a 2.5meter column is tested and the results are announced directly. Whereas, issuance of the standard UL1709- 2017 Certificate for Fire Protection Cover is issued when tested followed by awarding the Certification. 

  • A Test of seven 2.5meter large scale columns with diverse level sections and viscosity of Fireproof Coating was conducted efficiently
  • A Beam Test under a large-scale load (5 meters)
  • 1.2-meter Load-Less beam Test
  • Atmospheric, Chemical and Industrial situational tests according to UL 2431

This company is the First Company among all Manufacturing Companies in the World to have obtained UL 1709-2017, which has design thickness tables from 350 ° C to 550 ° C.

The UL 1709 International Certificate from Efectis, and, the Technical Certificate from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, as well as obtaining the Jet Fire Standard based on ISO 22899, are the tributes of our Product in the Fire Industry in the Country.

Presently, Gilan Mica is the only producer of Industrial Fireproof Coatings in the Country, and has the honor of cooperating with more than 40 projects in the oil, gas, Petrochemical and Refinery Industries in the Country.

All Universal Fire Tests on this product have been performed at the Efectis International Laboratory.

Efectis Is a French-Dutch Company that has the most Fire Laboratories in the World and issues several Certifications including CE, UL, ISO

Tracking of the Company's UL 1709 Certification is possible via the Efectis Era site.

Vermifire - C600 is the only fire resistant Coating that is used as a fire resistant in Fire Arena  Structures.

This Product is designed to run on Fire Field Structures where Fire is repeatedly created and extinguished by Fire Water Pressure.

In 2011, this product was implemented with a special design on a two-story metal structure on a Fire Field to protect the structures. It was performed at a very high pressure against Fire and Quenching.

Certificates of no variation required, or cracking and falling of this product were received from the Tehran Refinery Fire Department after three years (in 2014). This huge success sets this Product apart from other Foreign Fire Products.

Vermifire C600 Fireproof Coating is in the X class of Fire Resistant Coatings which means that it can be used in all types of conditions, indoors, outdoors and in all types  weather conditions.

This Product has all the International Standards of Resistance to different weather conditions according to Appendix A UL1709.

پوشش ضدحریق VERMIFIRE - C400

Applications of Vermifire C600 Fireproof Coating

  • Airplane Hangars
  • Industrial and Chemical Warehouses
  • Ammunition Storage Sheds
  • Gas Stations
  • Creation of Thermal and Radiation Dams
  • Oil Refineries
  • Gas Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil Fields
  • Power plants

Vermifire C600 can be used in all Industries that need to strengthen Metal, Concrete, Wall and, Roof Structures against Hydrocarbon Fire and Jet Fire.

پوشش ضدحریق پالایشگاه و پتروشیمی

Advantages of Vermifire C600 Fireproof Coating

  • Very light, at least 65% lighter than concrete
  • Resistant to all weather conditions, Industrial, High Humidity, Industrial Corrosion, and UV
  • Long-life Sustenance
  • 25 year Warranty
  • 25-year Product Durability Guarantee 
  • Long- Life Quality Preservation 
  • Capability to be implemented entirely on all levels and angles
  • Superb Performance against Hydrocarbon Fire and Jet Fire
  • Highly Resistant to High Pressure Water Extinguishers 
  • Quality Control Inspections on site from Production to Execution
  •  Periodic Scheduled   visits to all implemented projects and, delivering check-lists to employers
  • Production and delivery to the project, within 24 hours after acceptance of order

Vermifire C600 Fireproof Certifications

  • International Certificate UL 1709-2011 (Rapid Rise Hydrocarbon)
  • International Certificate UL 1709-2017 (Rapid Rise Hydrocarbon
  • NPD Certificate (Norwegian Oil Standard)
  • Norwegian Petroleum Directorate Certificate
  • Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  • ISO 22899-1 - Jet Fire certification
  • Technical Certificate UL 1709-2017 from Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
  • Certificate of Aging Standards and Industrial Environmental Conditions according to UL1709- Appendix
  • On the Ministry of Oil Vendor List (long list)
  • On the Vendor List of the National Iranian Oil Company
  • On the Vendor List of National Iranian Gas Company
  • On the vendor list of Iran National Petrochemical Company
  • Listed on  the Vendor Lists of many Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Companies and Holdings.

Approval and Confirmation of the Tehran Refinery Fire Department on the three-year performance against Fire

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