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All phases of Fire-Resistant Coating, including Supply of Materials, Required Thickness Design, Engineering, Execution, Supervision, and Obtaining Approval from Qualified Organizations are performed by the Company's Engineering and Executive Teams. As an EPC appointed Company.


The Executive Staff of our Company is fully employed directly by our own Company and the Gilan Mica Company is proud to be the employer of more than 550 trained personnel with more than 100 sprayer systems. We have the largest and most specialized set of Fire-Resistant Coatings.


The Gilan Mica Company has always tried to improve the quality and satisfaction of our Customers and in order to achieve this, we have established intermittent training for our Engineers in our various departmental sectors and, have also created the following units:

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Gilan Mica Integrated Services

  • Project management
  • Contracts and Contract Administration:

All matters related to Contracts are done under the Supervision of this Department.

  • Site Management:

The members of this department are all Engineers who are exceptionally experienced and qualified. Their duty is to supervise as much as possible to carry out the Executive Operations successfully.

  • Project Control Unit:

The Engineers of this unit are responsible for arranging and regularly controlling the schedule according to the directives of the employers.

  • Quality Control Unit: (QC) (QC)

The proficient Engineers of this department are responsible for controlling and supervising the various stages of the quality of the work performed in accordance with the directions and regulations specified.

  • Safety Unit: (HSE)

It is the duty and responsibility of this unit to secure the work environment and prevent any unforeseen danger in the execution of the Project Operations.

  • Technical Office Unit:

This work consists of: Analysis and Computational work, Design of Coatings, Preparation of Status Reports, Final Supervision, and Delivery to Qualified Organizations such as the Fire Department. These tasks are carried out by the Engineers of this specific unit.

Our ServicesOur Services

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