Thermal, Acoustic, and Fire Insulation VERMIX G

Thermal, Acoustic, and Fire Insulation VERMIX G

Thermal, Sound, and Fire Insulation of Vermix G with a Gypsum base is used in the construction industry. It is a thermal, Acoustic, Fireproof, and a Fireproof Insulation that is a ready-to-use mixture provided in a 25 kg package (Pre-mixed). Its ingredients are 100% mineral and without any chemical additives and resin, and is Fire Resistant up to 1200 degrees Celsius without causing smoke or gas in case of Fire. Vermix G is offered with a durability and life span equal to the life of the building. The Thermal conductivity of Vermix equal to 0.1 watt per meter of Kelvin grade.

عایق حرارتی ورمیکس G

Advantages of Vermix G Thermal, Acoustic and Fire Insulation Coatings

  • With Vermix, you no longer need to run a double-partitioned wall.
  • Ease of execution: Its implementation does not require a specialized team and is executed like plastering   in a building
  • Cost-effective: Due to the replacement of vermix with plaster and soil, the cost of materials, plaster, and soil will be deducted from the total cost of the building (in case of other insulations needed  in the building where  plaster and soil is required).
  • Reduction of Project Time: By running Vermix, two operations are performed simultaneously. Insulation and removal of plaster and soil, reducing project time, i.e., reducing project costs.
  • Minimization of Building Weight : Vermix is ​​70% lighter than plaster and soil.
  • Insulation Integrity: One of the most important characteristics of a good insulation is that it is in one piece after application, and because vermix is ​​a mortar, it will not have any gaps after application like piece insulations (any gaps cause thermal bridges and severe loss in the building.).
  • Very Simple Restoration: After demolition and repairs of the building, Vermix is ​​applied in the repaired space and the surface is re-integrated.
  • If required, the Vermix surfaces can be waterproofed (without using a resin coating)
  • Contrary to many Insulators, no physical or chemical changes occur over time.
  • One of the advantages of Vermix is ​​that it can be applied in Residential Buildings because it can be easily applied on paint.
  • Anti-bacterial, Insects, and Fungus 
  • In addition to not burning in the Fire, it also protects the materials and equipment behind it (metal structures, power cables, etc.) against fire.
  • Prevents fire from spreading to adjacent rooms or other floors during a fire
  • Vermix is ​​a good Insulator for Sound. Covering the Interior Surfaces of Utility rooms, etc., in addition to preventing transfer of the heat of the room to the upper and adjacent floors, also prevents the transmission of the equipment sound.
  • Vermix can be used as a Fire Resistant on Polystyrene Roof Blocks. Polystyrene (ionolite) at 95 ° C quickly begins to shrink and lose its mass and volume. Therefore, applying Vermix on it can prevent the temperature from reaching the Polystyrene during a Fire and prevent the roof of the building from collapsing.
  • Vermix can be used in a variety of Colors and Textures and Traditional Facades in Architecture as well as the re-construction of Historic Buildings.

Implementation of Vermix G.

  • Vermix is ​​mixed with water only at the application site and applied by spraying or trowel on surfaces (walls, ceilings and floors).
  • Mixing any type of material with Vermix changes its properties and the company will not have any obligation for the durability and performance of the declared standard (heat insulation and fire protection) if this action of mixing is carried out.
  • Vermix becomes a light and porous insulator after drying.
  • Each 25 kg bag of Vermix can cover about 5 square meters with a thickness of 1 cm.
  • Vermix can be applied on all building materials (pottery, brick, cement blocks, and plaster).
  • When using Vermix, Plaster and Soil are eliminated.
  • Vermix is ​​applicable on Interior and Exterior Surfaces of Buildings.
  • Paint  is applied after the application of Vermix.

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