VERMIFIRE G -Fireproof Protection Cover

Vermifire-G Fireproof Coating which has a plaster base is used in the Construction Industry. Fireproof Coatings with a Vermiculite base – This Plaster has a Technical Certification from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, and is approved by the Fire Department. VERMIFIRE-G Fireproof Coating is used to reinforce metal and concrete structures against Cellulose Fire on Thyristors (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers), ceilings, walls, control rooms, documents, safe escape routes, and elevator shafts.

پوشش ضدحریق VERMIFIRE-G

Applications of Vermifier G Fireproof Coating

  • Residential buildings
  • Medical Centers such as Hospitals and Clinics
  • Recreation and Sports Centers
  • Educational Centers such as Schools and Universities
  • Cinemas and Theater Halls
  • Commercial and Business Office Centers

Gilan Mica Fireproof Coatings can be utilized in any and all types of buildings that need to reinforce their structures against fire.

Advantages of Vermifier G fireproof coatings

  • Reasonable Prices
  • Outstanding Fire-Fighting Performance
  • Excellent proficiency   in performance throughout all Structural Points
  •  Preservation of Quality Maintenance over time
  • Proudly made in Iran

VERMIFIRE-G fire protection Certificates

  • The First Technical Certificate Holder of Fireproof Coatings from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center
  • Fully Endorsed by the fire department
  • The Sole Holder of the Certification from (originality of goods) the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center

For more information or to view the certifications, please contact the Main Central office of Gilan Mica

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