Vermiculite of the Gilan Mica Company

Vermiculite of the Gilan Mica Company

In 1970, the Gilan Mica company in conjunction with its mining operations, and detailed Geological Studies, discovered a mass of Vermiculite in the Amlash region of the Gilan province, and after receiving the Exploration License, it was Registered in the name of company name of Gilan Mica.

The Mine is in the form of Ultrasonic Mass and despite the exorbitant cost of separating the associated soil from the main material, its quality is at the international standard level and its processed products are now used in more than 25 different Industries. It covers everything from the Food and Cosmetics Industries to the control of Radioactive Contamination.

Currently, most of the mine's processed vermiculite is used in the Production of Thermal Insulation, Fire-Resistant Coatings, Fire Retardants, Oil, and Oil-Stain Collection, Compounds, and Cultivation Substrates are consumed without Soil or Hydroponics.

1What is Vermiculit or Vermiculite (the pronunciation variation)?

Gilan Mica Vermiculite -Soil-Free Culture Medium or Cultivation without Soil

Vermiculit also called vermiculite, is the mineral name for Hydrated Iron Silicate, Aluminum, and Magnesium. 

Vermiculite has an Accordion-Shaped (Squeeze Box) appearance and varies in color from brown to gold, depending on its composition. The pH (in water) of Vermiculite in each mine varies from 6-9 as reported by the International Vermiculite Association.

The pH of Vermiculite produced by the Gilan Mica Company is 6.3 which can be used to improve alkaline soils.

The water holding capacity of Vermiculite varies with the size of the granules.

(325% -220 - weight or 50% -20% volume) Vermiculite has been used for more than 80 years in various Industries (Agriculture - Horticulture – Construction Industries).

2Uses of Vermiculite in Agriculture

For many years, Vermiculite has been used as a soil-like medium inside apartments or Hydroponic Systems (HYDROPONIC GROWING). In cases of flower and plant cultivation, where the use of normal soil is limited (Soilless), the nutrients needed by plants are delivered in Vermiculite liquid form to the roots These substances are widely used in agriculture.

Such as: lawns, gardens, and cases where rapid plant growth is a priority (vermiculite is used 100%) Vermiculite is also used in special conditions of dehydration, protecting the soil from the flow of hot winds and, prevents frost and damage to the roots.

Vermiculite greatly improves root aeration by creating a suitable space in the soil and lightening it, while easily providing moisture and nutrients to young cuttings and roots.

Vermiculite is a permanent and non-harmful material for soil that is 100% cleanliness. Vermiculite is an odorless, and sterile material that does not cause soil decay or loss and, does not change the nature of the soil due to its impartiality. Vermiculite has the ability to store and transport positive ion or cations, so it can easily provide substances such as ammonium, potash, calcium, magnesium, and iron to the roots.

This material is very light and with ordinary soil, raw leaves, and soils enriched with chemical fertilizers is the best way to grow all plants, especially ornamental flowers.

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